The raving liberal, Republican Abraham Lincoln; the raving conservative, Democrat Andrew Jackson

THROUGH AMERICAN HISTORY conservatives and liberals have used political parties in a game of musical chairs. We can quickly get very confused if we think of Republicans and Democrats as ideologically constant. They have been anything but! Parties can morph dramatically, but “conservative” and “liberal” are same as they ever were. “It is ever thus,” as Emerson reminds us.

The Republican Party was originally the more liberal political party in American history, founded as a liberating entity! Republicans were against slavery. Republicans were the party of Big Government: big ideas, big programs, big spending. The very first piece of legislation…






The attack on the Capitol by a cultist mob was none of these. If you experienced any of these thoughts, I am sorry to inform that you don’t have a firm grip on the reality of American politics of today… or any time in the past.

This was nothing if not par for the course for American conservatism.

Perhaps our education is to blame. The history books we are given as students are largely boring white-washes of what actually happened, chapters about the causes of wars (from a “patriotic” perspective) and droll paragraphs about arcane…

Faith. Yes, we need, we must have faith. Faith sustains us. But faith deserves, demands, truth, solid truth, not myths, not fairy tales, not fabrications. Such “blind faith” is merely false hope, self deception, communicable self deception. It mocks and exploits faith, like a robber. It is blind because it will not open its eyes; it dare not open its eyes for fear that nothing is there. Spiritual faith is based upon spiritual awareness, which is based upon upon a never ceasing search for truth. Any truth is better than make-believe. Those who have have lazily accepted “revealed truth” that…

In our two party system, there is a vague assumption within the ongoing, undulating politics of the United States of America that, in general, the opposing parties are each based on some legitimate governing philosophy, and, while often openly hostile to the other, each is rooted in good faith allegiance to authentic American ideals.

This assumption is false! And… this assumption may be the ruin of America.

There is little to support this magnanimous notion in the entire breadth of American history. Here we must develop a view of some constancies that have been at play during the long span…

A Tiny Platoon of Republicans Thwarted An American Coup By Their Own Party!

Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, Republican

American democracy survived by the skin of its teeth in 2020. Having lost the election by over seven million votes and 74 electoral votes, with the most votes ever cast for the winning (Democratic) candidate and an Electoral College margin which Donald Trump described as a “landslide” in 2016, the Republican Party mounted a full-on assault upon the most sacred traditions of the United States of America: the democratic vote and the peaceful transfer of power. The president, the vice-president, the attorney general, the Senate majority leader, the House minority leader, the Republican National Committee, and an overwhelming number of…

“It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric, lower the temperature, and listen to each other again.” — Joe Biden

Ah, your words sounds so soothing, so rational, so forgiving, so caring, so magnanimous. So futile. And ultimately, so counter-productive, so wrong.

Joe… we have been listening to them for 244 years. And have encountered some problems, which your words, which your orientation, seem to totally ignore.

Conservatives don’t believe in truth. They don’t believe in democracy. They don’t believe in equality. They don’t believe in justice for all. They don’t believe in We the People. They don’t believe in…

It’s now over two weeks since the 2020 election, 13 days after news networks called the election for Joe Biden. Donald Trump still can’t accept the result. He is still claiming he won, but the election was stolen by Democrats. Americans are wondering when he will accept he truth. Will he do so graciously? Will he honor America’s precious legacy of peaceful transfer of power? Will he allow the normally seamless segue to a new executive branch of the opposing party? Will he eventually concede? The answer to such questions would be… No! Trump will never concede.

Donald Trump is a simpleton narcissist, and therefore very predictable. In any given situation, to guess what Donald will do one need only wonder what he would entirely selfishly think would be best for him and worst for everyone and everything else. Whatever that is, that’s what Donald will do. In the case of the 2020 election, what Trump wanted most is to have won, while what would be worst for everyone else, and America itself, would be for him to pretend that he won when he actually lost. And that’s precisely where we find ourselves today.

It would be…

Obama wasn’t born in America, and is therefore ineligible to be president… and he’s a Muslim, which also, for any real American, makes him ineligible to be president.

Global warming is a hoax.

The theory of evolution is a Marxist, atheistic plot.

The Big Bang theory is blasphemous fraud.

Donald Trump is a business mastermind, the shrewdest of all negotiators, a stable genius who knows more about everything than anyone.

Trump would have won the 2016 popular vote if not for those three million illegal votes.

Trump had the largest inauguration crowd in American history.

A big, beautiful wall, from…

Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Election Day, United States of America.

Over seventy million American citizens turned out to vote for a second term, four more years, for Donald Trump, the most divisive and damaging president in American history.

To many of those voters, Trump represents something much greater than a mortal politician. He is light years more important than George W. Bush. Even their St. Reagan would bow to his aura. He is immortal, at least symbolically. He is their champion, indeed, their neo-messiah. He knows more about everything than anyone who ever lived, including Moses. He only speaks the…

Four days after the 2020 election, Joe Biden has been projected as president-elect. Three states, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, have yet to be called, two of them favoring Biden. But this morning, his home state of Pennsylvania pushed Biden past the 270 electoral vote threshold. Kamala Harris becomes the first female vice-president-elect, as well as the first person of Indian and Jamaican descent to serve as the second in command in the executive branch. Whew! A nail-biter. But we dodged a likely fatal bullet. The “soul” of the nation has, indeed, been saved. For now. Four more years of Trump…

Rusty Reid

Rusty Reid is a songwriter, journalist and essayist. Originally from Texas, he now lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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