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It’s now over two weeks since the 2020 election, 13 days after news networks called the election for Joe Biden. Donald Trump still can’t accept the result. He is still claiming he won, but the election was stolen by Democrats. Americans are wondering when he will accept he truth. Will he do so graciously? Will he honor America’s precious legacy of peaceful transfer of power? Will he allow the normally seamless segue to a new executive branch of the opposing party? Will he eventually concede? The answer to such questions would be… No! Trump will never concede.

Donald Trump is a simpleton narcissist, and therefore very predictable. In any given situation, to guess what Donald will do one need only wonder what he would entirely selfishly think would be best for him and worst for everyone and everything else. Whatever that is, that’s what Donald will do. In the case of the 2020 election, what Trump wanted most is to have won, while what would be worst for everyone else, and America itself, would be for him to pretend that he won when he actually lost. And that’s precisely where we find ourselves today.

It would be very unTrump-like to concede. Donald Trump never concedes. If he were to be cajoled into “conceding,” it would effectively be a non-concession, a fake, like his persona, reneged in short order. Trump never apologizes. He never admits he was wrong. He never admits to his lies (though he often tells new ones that contradict old ones). He can never think of himself as a loser. Therefore he can never admit defeat. The reason he is so practiced at lying and denying truth is because it so often points out what a loser he has always been in life. He has decades of experience painting over harsh reality, and has always surrounded him with sycophants who will corroborate and coordinate with his sociopathy, never more, or more powerful, enablers than now. Truth is Trump’s enemy. He can’t handle the truth. So when he loses, which he often does, he doesn’t have the moral strength or the grace or the ethic to acknowledge such truth. Instead, he falls back into his make-believe persona and make-believe world where he is the eternal winner. Not just that even… but the greatest ever! He is not a bad loser; he is the worst loser. …


Rusty Reid

Rusty Reid is a songwriter, journalist and essayist. Originally from Texas, he now lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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